Uniforms FAQ

Game day uniform

For Saturday games you must wear the Ivanhoe Knights reversible singlet and shorts.

All other items are optional.

How much does a Knights uniform cost?

Individually, the reversible singlet is $65 and the shorts are $45. 

Can I wear the blue side of the reversible singlet on Saturdays?

The blue side may only be worn during clash games—when two Ivanhoe Knights teams play each other. You cannot wear the blue side when playing teams from other clubs.

Where can I buy uniforms and club merchandise?

You can buy uniforms and club merchandise online at:

Singlet Numbers

You cannot choose your singlet number. The club allocates a number in accordance with our Singlet number allocation policy.

I am a new player. What will my singlet number be?

After you place your order, you will be allocated a unique number based on your date of birth and age group.

You should also be able to retain this singlet number even when you outgrow your singlet and order a new one.

I am a new player. Can I wear my brother or sister's uniform?

Please contact ikbc@ivanhoeknights.org to discuss whether this is possible based on the available numbers in your age group.

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