Working as a referee

Once qualified, referees are rostered for games at Ivanhoe Knights home venues, except for the finals series when you may be required to attend other venues.

Referees are usually rostered for three or four games in any one session.


In the lead-up to each new season, referees are required to advise, the teams in which they play or coach and any other commitments which will affect their availability.

You should also advise the person responsible for rostering of any team commitments of your immediate relatives (i.e. the team one of your parents coaches, the team in which your brother or sister plays, etc.)

The roster will then be created taking as many of this considerations into account as possible.

Ideally, you should not referee these teams during the season: however, in finals, you are NOT permitted to referee these teams.


Referee striped tops are available from the Referee Coaches.


Currently, referees are reimbursed by cash by the venue supervisor, at the end of each refereeing session. In the Winter season of 2019, the branch is moving to a cashless system and Referees will be reimbursed by EFT on the Monday following each refereeing session so bank account details will be required.

Training does affect the amount of the reimbursement a referee is entitled to and this is governed by the Victorian Referees Association (TOC).

Further training

Referees can improve their grading by attending a referee upgrade school but a formal request has to be granted by the Referee Advisor.

Registration fees

Referees require annual registration – this covers insurance and support required.

At this Referee Branch, the Ivanhoe Knights pay the annual referee registration; however, as with referee training expenses, there is an obligation to prioritise commitments to referee for the Ivanhoe Knights Basketball Club on a Saturday.

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Contact the Referees Supervisor Yvonne Cornell by email