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The club accepts new members twice a year in the lead up to each new season. Previous basketball experience is not required.

New members can register online during the registration period for each season. They’re also invited to attend New Members Open Day to:

  • meet other new players
  • find out more about the club, and
  • tryout so our selectors can match their skillset to the most appropriate team.

New Members Open Day is generally held in February and August each year at the Ivanhoe East Primary School SPACE Centre. The date for each open day will be posted in advance on this website and on our Facebook page.

To play with the Ivanhoe Knights you must:

  • pay the registration fee
  • have a Knights uniform
  • be allocated a singlet number
  • be aged between about 7 and 21
  • observe the policies of the club and the Eastern District Junior Basketball Association (EDJBA).

Players joining from other clubs

If you have played with another EDJBA club in the past, you will be required to get a clearance/transfer from your previous club before playing with the Ivanhoe Knights.

It’s up to the player to initiate the clearance/transfer when they go to register (if they played at a different EDJBA club this season). During the online registration form, the system will identify that the player requires a clearance/transfer and will be initiated by the click of a button. It is then up to the source club to confirm the first step, followed EDJBA and lastly by Ivanhoe Knights (the destination club). That player will then receive and email notification that the transfer has been completed and can continue their registration.

The system will not allow a player to register to a new club until all 3 parties have confirmed the clearance/transfer.

If you’ve come from a club outside the association e.g. a club that plays in the Coburg, Hawthorn or Diamond Valley associations, then no clearance is required.

All previous competition basketball experience should be noted on the registration form.

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