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How to access fixtures & results

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Fixtures and results for the current season are available from the:

  • EDJBA website OR
  • the Ivanhoe Knights fixtures page, available through SportsTG OR
  • a smartphone app known as the Team App.

You will need to know the age group and team name.

Smartphone app

The Team App has replaced the old Fox Sports Pulse app. The new app is available for download from the App store for iPhone users or the Google Play store for Android users.

Fixture changes

Fixture changes are most common during the grading phase (rounds 1-6), but can occur in any round throughout the season.

A member of the Ivanhoe Knights committee will notify team managers of any fixture changes to their team. Team managers are then responsible for contacting their parents and coach or coaches to pass on this information.

You will not be notified of a fixture change if you’re still playing at the same time at the same venue, but against a different opponent.

Please note that fixture changes may not necessarily be notified on the EDJBA website. But they will publish the new fixture and remove the old fixture.


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We suggest you bookmark one of these pages on the browser on your phone or computer if you are not using the Team App.

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