Child safety

Our commitment

The Ivanhoe Knight Basketball Club is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our young players, coaches and referees.

We support Basketball Victoria’s Child Safe Standards and have appointed a Child Welfare Officer responsible for matters concerning child safety and abuse.

Child Welfare Officer

The Ivanhoe Knights Child Welfare Officer is currently Fanče Traicevski . She can be contacted by sending an email to

All members and club representatives are expected to discuss any concerns that they may have about the welfare of a child IMMEDIATELY with the nominated Child Welfare Officer.

The Child Welfare Officer will ensure that the concerns/incidents reported to them remain confidential and that the identity of the person reporting the concern/incident is not revealed.

The Club’s Child Welfare Officer will be required to report all the incidents noted by them to the appropriate authority at Basketball Victoria who will then ascertain whether or not the person/s involved in the incident play a role in the organisation and act accordingly.

Policies and procedures

We are currently working with Basketball Victoria and the Eastern Districts Junior Basketball Association in developing appropriate policies and procedures to help ensure the safety of our young people.

Further information

Further information about child safety standards for basketball clubs are available on the Basketball Victoria website at:

Child Safe Standards Support, Resources and Information



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Contact the Child Welfare Officer by sending an email to

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