Uniforms FAQ


For Saturday games you must wear the Ivanhoe Knights singlet (reversible or non-reversible) and shorts. By the beginning of Summer 2019-20 season all players will be required to wear a reversible club singlet and the newer design shorts with the new club logo.

All other items are optional, although the club does strongly encourage its players to wear the reversible training singlet for training.


How much does a Knights uniform cost?

Individually, the reversible singlet is $65 and the shorts are $45. The uniform is cheaper if you purchase it with other optional items in a pack. We have a uniform bundle which includes the shorts, reversible singlet and delivery for $110. All other items and packs are optional.

Can I wear the blue side of the reversible singlet on Saturdays?

The blue side may only be worn during clash games—when two Ivanhoe Knights teams play each other. You cannot wear the blue side when playing teams from other clubs.



You can buy uniform and merchandise items individually, but it is cheaper to buy them in a pack. Our uniform supplier offers two different packs. 


Where can I buy uniforms and club merchandise?

You can buy uniforms and club merchandise online at:

What is in each pack?

Pack A—Starter Pack

  1. Playing Uniform – includes shorts and reversible singlet
  2. Reversible training singlet
  3. Ivanhoe Knights printed Tee Shirt
  4. Hoodie (any) or Warm-up top (any) with name
  5. Ivanhoe Knights socks – 1 pair
  6. Delivery included

Value  $230          Pack Price $195

Pack B—Ultimate pack

  1. Playing Uniform – includes shorts and reversible singlet
  2. Reversible training singlet
  3. Ivanhoe Knights printed Tee Shirt
  4. Hoodie (any) with embroidered name
  5. Ivanhoe Knights Warm-up top (any) with name
  6. Ivanhoe Knights socks – 2 pairs
  7. Bag or backpack with name
  8. Hand Towel with embroidered club logo
  1. Delivery included

Value  $355          Pack Price $295

Can I add an item to a pack?

Packs cannot be changed but you can add items to any pack.


The pack contains a hoodie. Which one will I receive if I buy a pack?

You may choose between the kangaroo pocket, zip or sleeveless hoodie. They are all the same price.


The pack contains a warm-up top. Which one will I receive if I buy a pack?

You may choose any one of the four types of warm-up tops—yellow long or short sleeve or blue long or short sleeve. They are all the same price.


What are the individual costs for uniforms and merchandise?

Price list

Item Description Price Optional
Reversible playing singlet Compulsory for Saturday games $65 ea
Playing shorts Compulsory for Saturday games $45 ea
Uniform bundle Reversible playing singlet, shorts and delivery $110
Reversible training singlet In yellow and blue $35 ea
Hoodie Kangaroo pocket, zip front or sleeveless $50 ea optional name embroidered on back included in price
Warm-up top Long or short sleeve, yellow or blue $50 each optional name printed on back included in price
Socks Embroidered with Ivanhoe Knights logo $15 a pair
Bag Choose between duffle bag or backpack $50 ea optional name embroidered on side


You cannot choose your singlet number. The club allocates a number in accordance with our Singlet number allocation policy.

I am a new player. What will my singlet number be?

After you place your order, you will be allocated a unique number based on your date of birth and age group.

You should also be able to retain this singlet number even when you outgrow your singlet and order a new one.


I am a new player. Can I wear my brother or sister's uniform?

You may wear your brother or sister’s shorts if they are the latest design, but you cannot wear their old singlet.  You will need to order a new reversible playing singlet with a unique number for your date of birth and age group.

For more information, please refer to our Singlet Number Allocation Policy.


I am an existing player. Can I continue to wear my existing uniform?

Yes, you may continue to wear your existing uniform, however you must upgrade to the new reversible uniform before the start of  Summer Season 2019-20.


I am an existing player. When I upgrade my singlet, will I retain the same singlet number?

If you are wearing a number that is valid for your date of birth and no other child in your age group has also been allocated that number, it may be possible to keep your number. This will be determined by the Uniforms Secretary after you have placed your order with our uniform supplier.




Wearing a training uniform is not compulsory. Our club does, however, strongly recommend that our players wear either the reversible training singlet or the playing singlet to training sessions.
You may wear either club shorts or other appropriate shorts or long pants to training. 


Why has our club introduced a reversible training singlet?

The club considers the reversible training singlet an essential training item, just like a ball and water bottle.

If players wear reversible training singlets to training, it is easier for the coach to teach team offence and defence skills and therefore conduct a more effective training session.

Girls are encouraged to wear something else underneath the training singlet so that the singlet can be reversed during training when necessary.


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