All players must wear Ivanhoe Knights shorts and singlet during Saturday games.

As of July 2017 all new singlets purchased will be reversible. By the season Summer  2019-20 all players will be required to have a reversible club singlet.

Uniforms are available from our supplier Fiddes Sport, Unit 15, 24 Brand Drive, Thomastown. They can also be ordered on Registration Day before each new season.

Club hoodies, bags and other related clothing including reversible training singlets and warm-up tops are also available for purchase.

View photos of uniform and merchandise items below. For further information about costs and purchasing arrangements go to the Uniforms FAQ page.


New uniforms cost $60 for a singlet and $40 for shorts. Uniform packs, which include other training items, are also available for purchase.

View photos of all uniform items, and access information about costs and uniform bundles on the Uniform FAQ page.

Singlet numbers

While players own a singlet, no player owns their singlet number. The club allocates singlet numbers and can change them if necessary.

For further information on how this system works, refer to the club’s Singlet number policy (link right).

Clash singlets

When two Knights teams play each other, one team will be required to wear the alternative club singlets, known as clash singlets or reversible singlets if they have them.

Clash singlets are provided by the venue supervisor and should be returned to the venue supervisor at the end of the game. They must not be taken home. A reversible singlet obviously remains with the player who owns that singlet.

Eventually as more players buy reversible singlets, borrowing clash singlets will no longer be required.

Reversible training singlets

The club encourages all players to wear the reversible training singlet or their regular club singlet (reversible or non-reversible) for training.

Photo gallery

Click on a photo to view a slideshow (with captions) of selected uniform and merchandise items.


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Inquiries about uniform policy

Contact the Uniforms secretary by sending an email to uniforms@ivanhoeknights.org .