Team selection policy

The girls and boys team selection coordinators conduct team selection in consultation with our coaches and a selection panel in the lead-up to each new season.

Teams get mixed up each season due to changes in player’s ages and cut off dates. This is to ensure players are not advantaged or disadvantaged by their date of birth. It also helps players to learn from each other and enlarges their social networks.

Requests for friends to be kept together must be noted on the Registration Form by both parties. While such requests will be considered, not all can be accommodated.

Once the teams have been selected they cannot be altered without good reason, and then, only by the selection coordinator.


In selecting teams each season, our club follows these principles:

Registration—All players must register by Registration Day to be eligible for placement in a team. Players who register late will join a waiting list and will only be placed in a team if an appropriate vacancy exists.

Selection criteria—Players are primarily assessed on skill. Other valued attributes include commitment to team training and games, punctuality and a positive team attitude. Team balance (e.g. a good mix of talls and guards, balancing team offensive and defensive skills) is also considered.

Friends—Requests for a single pair of friends to be kept together are accommodated if possible. If there’s a skill difference between the players, they will be ranked in a team suited to the less-skilled player. One-sided requests will not be considered.

Friendship teams—Requests for friendship teams are only considered for U16 and above. All players in a friendship team must be registered before Registration Day. The club reserves the right to add players to a friendship team, if necessary.

How it works

The primary means of selecting teams is on the ability of the player. However, this is not the only criterion and selectors have to make decisions taking into account a wide number of competing factors.

The selectors have to find a balance. One change can affect multiple teams. Furthermore, once selected, team lists are registered with the EDJBA and cannot be altered. As a result, decisions by the selection coordinators are final, and are not able to be appealed.

Assessing the ability of a player is subjective. The selectors may not agree with you, or each other on who is the ‘better’ player. Generally, selectors do not assess their own children.

Coaches’ input is important, but coaches are often only familiar with the players they have coached and do not assess the other players in the age group.

Team number is a guide to the team’s ability, but is not a direct measure of a player’s ability. Similarly, the grade in which a player plays reflects the team’s ability, not the individual player’s.

Teams are not always fully composed of the best 7, 8 or 9 players, followed by the second best 7,8 or 9 players and so on. 

Reasons why a less skilled player may have been placed in a higher team than a more skilled player include:

  • the less skilled player is more skilled in certain attributes which the higher team needs e.g. offensive and defensive positioning and court spacing, shooting technique, rebounding etc.
  • confidence/performance/development issues with either player (some players need a season at a higher level and some players need a season at a lower level to help with their development or confidence)
  • the less skilled player is more coachable, has more potential or is on a steeper improvement curve than the more skilled player
  • two or more parents of similar-ability players want to coach their child (coaches’ selection is also a factor in team selection).

Age groups

There are always some players coming down an age group and some players coming up an age group. Most players spend two seasons in each age group, and older players are often in the higher graded teams.

Often there are 10-20 or more players in the same age group that the selection committee judges to be of similar ability. Consequently they may be selected to play in relatively even teams. It is not unusual for several teams to be in the same grade.

Late registrations

Due to the large amount of work required in sorting and assessing teams, players who register late may either placed on a waiting list, (and possibly not be able to play), or be placed in teams that do not reflect their ability. It is therefore imperative that players register before or on Registration Day.

Friendship teams

In general, the club believes in picking the best teams each season, but friendship teams are considered for age groups U16 and higher.

If you would like to register as a friendship team you will need a minimum of 7 players and your own coach and team manager. All players in a friendship team must be registered before Registration Day

Friendship teams may be refused if players are not all in the same age group.

Before Registration Day for the following season you must send to the team selection coordinator:

  • the names of the players in the proposed friendship team and their age group
  • the name and contact details (email and phone number) of both the coach and the team manager
  • the reason for requesting consideration as a friendship team.

Teams submitted after Registration Day will not be considered.

Training and game day availability will be determined based on the coach’s availability and requests from individual players will not be considered. The team selection committee will review this request and if it is deemed in the best interests of the club, it will be approved.

The club reserves the right to add players to a friendship team, if necessary.

Team selection over multiple seasons

Remember that team selections are not indefinite selections. They are a placement for a single season only.

The selectors watch the teams throughout the season and look at all players and reviewing their performance for the next season.

The selectors see all players for all age groups throughout the season, not just the team that your son or daughter plays in.

There is always talent putting pressure on team selections and talent develops at different rates and at different times. For instance, playing in a 15.1 team and then in summer going to a 16.1 team, does not guarantee you of being selected in the 15.1 team the following season.

If there is anything the selection committee should know before teams are selected, then please get in contact with the coordinator as soon as possible before or immediately after registration day.

The registration form that you submit, clearly states that you will accept selection decisions by playing in the team in which you are placed. 

If you wish to be considered to assist with future selection processes, please indicate this on the registration form.

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