Social media policy

The Ivanhoe Knights has its own Facebook page at

This page is for our members and those interested in joining the club. We post news to the page and we want to hear of your achievements.

Please remember, however, that this is a public page and reflects on the club as a whole. Be respectful of all players and officials – both within our club and in the clubs of our opponents. We will not tolerate racist or sexist remarks or any criticism of officials, including referees.

If you are in any doubt about what you intend to post please refer to the social networking policy of Basketball Victoria (link right). This policy outlines possible disciplinary action for unacceptable social media behaviour.

If you are posting a photograph please consider if those who can be identified within it would be happy with the posting.

The Ivanhoe Knights Basketball Committee reserves the right to take down any Facebook posts that it believes reflect badly on the club or breach these guidelines.


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Basketball Victoria social networking policy (PDF)


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