Singlet number policy

While players own a singlet, no player owns their singlet number.

Through the seasons players may be required to change their singlet number to avoid clashes within their teams.

In 2015 the club introduced a new singlet number allocation policy, which should greatly reduce the number of singlet number clashes.

Under the new system:

  • New players are allocated a number based on their date of birth.
  • Existing players (before the new policy came into effect) can keep their numbers, but if there is a clash, or if they need to buy a new singlet, they may have to move to a new number. This means you may not be able to retain your existing number when ordering a new singlet.


If your team has a singlet number clash, you must advise the uniform secretary who will organise a swap based on singlet size and clashes in other teams. The player with a valid number according to the new policy will be given priority to retain their singlet.

Neither players or their parents/guardians are to organise singlet number swaps amongst themselves.

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