Referee training

Anyone 14 years and older can train to be a referee.

Training involves both:

  • formal training – attending a Knights referee training school, and
  • on-court training under supervision.

Our Referee Supervisor conducts referee training and development with the assistance of senior referees at the club. The Referees Advisor carries out referee grading.

There is a referees dress code and code of conduct which will be advised when you begin your training sessions with the Ivanhoe Knights.

Attending school

The Knights referee training school is held about twice a year at either the Ivanhoe East Primary School SPACE Centre or Doncaster Leeds St complex.

The school usually involves four to five two-hour sessions on Sundays from 4 pm to 6 pm.  You will need to bring a pen and paper and be prepared to be involved in some lively classroom activities.

On-court training

You will be required to complete practical on-court training. This usually begins after about two weeks of the school. For juniors this training is generally at one of the club’s home venues.

There is no set time for completing on-court training. It depends on the individual. However, we usually find 5-6 sessions of 2-3 games each will see most trainees pass their practical assessment.

For your on-court training you are required to wear plain black trousers, no stripes or logos etc. and a plain white or plain black T shirt or Polo top, no logos etc.  Your training will begin with running alongside a senior referee, learning positioning on the court and signals required. As you gain confidence and experience, your trainer will allow you to take over more and more of the game officiating.

Assessment & grading

Referees are initially assessed by our Referees Supervisor and are promoted to ‘trainee’ referee when they are showing ability to be able to officiate games with minimal assistance from a trainer.

Once the Supervisor sees that this phase has been successfully completed the Referees Advisor will then assess them for grading as an apprentice and then later as a C grade referee.

As referee’s ability, experience and training accumulates, promotion to higher grades (and rates of pay) follow. B grade referees are required to have experience refereeing senior games.


You are required to purchase:

  • a rule book on attending your first session at the school (the cost is about $20)
  • a good quality whistle before beginning on-court-training (the club recommends a FOX 40 or FOX classic, which cost about $12 and are usually available for purchase from the referee Supervisor at your first session).
  • a uniform when you are qualified.

As the Club pays for your on-court training and ongoing registration fees, you are asked to prioritise Ivanhoe Knights games ahead of any other refereeing commitments you may have.


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Contact the Referees Supervisor Yvonne Cornell by email